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This file contains:

  • Installation Instructions
  • Upgrade Instructions
  • What's New in 4.0
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Statement on Year 2000 and QuicKeys for Mac OS
  • What's Installed

Installing QuicKeys
If the Multiple User Accounts feature is turned on under Mac OS 9, QuicKeys 4.1 can only be installed and used by the owner.

  1. Turn off all non-system extensions. or greater and a PowerPC computer.
  2. Insert the QuicKeys CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  3. Double-click the QuicKeys Installer.
  4. Read or print the ReadMe that appears and click Continue.
  5. Read the license and warranty agreement that appears. Click Agree if you agree to the terms and want to proceed with installation.
  6. Type your name, company name, and activation key at the prompt. If you do not have an activation key, choose the 30-day demo option.
  7. Select the type of installation to perform.
  8. A prompt appears alerting you that you must restart your computer if you proceed with installation. Click Yes to proceed.
  9. A status window tracks the progress of the installation process. When installation is complete, click the Restart button at the prompt.

When your machine is finished restarting, open the QuicKeys Editor by selecting the QuicKeys Editor option from the QuicKeys menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

Upgrading QuicKeys
Before upgrading previous versions of QuicKeys to version 4.1, CE Software recommends making a copy of your QuicKeys folder and placing it on a backup drive. The QuicKeys Folder is located in the <hard drive>:System Folder:Preferences: folder.

The QuicKeys Installer will rename the existing "Omitted File List" and create a new file. Any changes made to the existing "Omitted File List" will need to be added to the new file.

Upgrading from QuicKeys 3.5

  • The Phone Dialer extension, located in the :System Folder:Preferences:QuicKeys Folder:Extensions folder, is not removed by the installer, even though it is not used by QuicKeys 4.1.

Upgrading from QuicKeys 3.0

  • The QuicKeys Tools folder, located on the root of the startup disk, is not removed by the installer, even though it is not used by QuicKeys 4.1.
  • The Utilities folder, located in the :System Folder:Preferences:QuicKeys Folder, is not removed by the installer, even though it is not used by QuicKeys 4.1.
  • The CE Toolbox extension is not used in QuicKeys 4.0 or greater, but it is not removed when you upgrade because other software packages may use it. Keep CE Toolbox installed only if you use Alarming Eventsª, DiskTopª, In/Outª, or QM Serverª.
  • The Phone Dialer extension, located in the :System Folder:Preferences:QuicKeys Folder:Extensions folder, is not removed by the installer, even though it is not used by QuicKeys 4.1.

Note: Upgrading from pre-3.0 versions of QuicKeys is not supported.

What's New in 4.0

  • You can click outside of the QuicKeys Editor while QuicKeys is active.
  • A new manual provides detailed information about how to get the most out of QuicKeys.
  • The QuicKeys Editor features significant interface changes that make the software easier to use.
  • Toolbars support dragging and dropping for increased functionality.
  • A Setup Assistant has been incorporated into the product to make it easier to set up Shortcuts.
  • A suite of new plug-ins has been added to QuicKeys.
  • The "Define" menu has been reorganized and renamed to make it easier to access QuicKeys Plug-ins.
  • The Appearance Manager is now supported.
  • QuicKeys is an option in all contextual menus to accelerate the process of creating Shortcuts.
  • There are more fine-tuned controls for pauses within Sequences.

Changes in 4.1

  • Owner compatibility with Mac OS 9.
  • Execution of timed Shortcuts is now more reliable.
  • You can now double-click items in Finder windows that overlap toolbars.
  • The Instant Email plug-in now works with QuickMail Pro 2.0.
  • You can now select items in the Apple menu while in the QK Setup Assistant.
  • When users edit Jump, Decision or Wait shortcuts, the "Selected" pop-up no longer changes its value.
  • New formats have been added for typing dates. Following are new QuicKeys Script keywords:
    • Long_No_Day_Short_Year : September 9, 99
    • Short_No_Day_Short_Year : Sep 9, 99
    • Long_Alt_Short_Year : 9 September 99
    • Short_Alt_Short_Year : 9 Sep 99
    • MDY=9/9/99
  • Toolbar icons no longer disappear after adding QuicKeys shortcuts.
  • The PowerBook Specials "Backlighting" Shortcut now functions properly on new powerbooks.
  • Keyset names that contain a "/" now display correctly in the Sequence Editor.
  • Apple Menu Shortcuts are now executed more reliably.
  • Multiple large text files can now be dragged onto a QuicKeys toolbar.
  • The QuicKeys Editor no longer crashes after creating File Launch Shortcuts.
  • Message Shortcuts that execute at the same time now display properly.
  • The Omitted File List now supports the wild card descriptor "****" for either Type or Creator.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Why does my QuicKeys toolbar disappear when I select "Hide Others" from the application menu?
(A) If you select "Hide Others" from the Application Menu and have a toolbar set to "Not Always On Top" , the toolbar will disappear. To display the toolbar, either select "Show All" or "QuicKeys Backgrounder" from the Application Menu.

(Q) Why don't the File Launch buttons in my QuicKeys toolbars retain the original application icons?
(A) Under System 8.1 or earlier, custom application icons are not automatically created when dragged onto toolbars.

(Q) Why does it appear that I don't have the same options in the Date & Time plug-in that I had in previous versions?
(A) The Date & Time plug-in now displays the date and time format set in the Date/Time control panel.

Statement on Year 2000 and QuicKeys for Mac OS
Legal notice specified by federal law for those customers reading our Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure Statement prior to purchasing a product from CE Software:

Statements made to you in the course of this sale are subject to the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act. In the case of a dispute, this Act may reduce your legal rights regarding the use of any such statements, unless otherwise specified by your contract or tariff.

Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure for QuicKeys for Mac OS
With QuicKeys 4.1, all issues known to CE Software as of October 1, 1999, directly related to the operation of QuicKeys in the Year 2000 have been resolved. We believe that QuicKeys will operate properly in the year 2000 and in the years immediately following 2000, with the currently available Apple Mac OS versions and leading applications. Due to the fact that QuicKeys by its very nature must operate in concert with other applications, E-mail systems and the Mac OS, CE Software makes no warranty whatsoever regarding QuicKeys' performance in conjunction with software outside of CE Software's direct control.

(See http://www.apple.com/macos/info/2000.html for more information concerning the Apple Mac OS and the year 2000.)


What's Installed

System Folder:Control Panels:

System Folder:Preferences:QuicKeys Folder:
  Omitted File List, Toolbar Icons, QK4.0 Default Keyset

System Folder:Preferences:QuicKeys Folder: Extensions:
  Advanced Text Tools, Advanced Text Tools Helper, Alias Keystroke, App Switcher, Apple Events, AppleScript, AppleScript Helper, Audio CD Player, Batch Processor, Button, Choosy, Click, Date & Time, Decision, DoScript, File Handler, File Handler Helper, File Launch, File Recall, File Recall Helper, FKeys, Folders, GoSub, Instant E-mail, Instant E-mail Helper, Jump, MacOS Specials, Menu, Message, Message Helper, Mounty, Mousies, Network Switcher, Password Vault, Pause, Pop-up Menu, PowerBook Specials, Project Launcher, Project Saver, QK AppleEvent Helper, QT Movie, Repeat, Scrap Ease, Scrap Ease Helper, Screen Ease, Sound, Speak Ease, SpeakerChanger, Specials, Type Text, View Switcher, Wait..., Web Launcher, Web Launcher Helper

System Folder:Preferences:QuicKeys Folder:Backgrounders:
  QuicKeys Backgrounder

System Folder:Contextual Menus
  QuicKeys CM Plugin

Startup Disk:QuicKeys:
  QuicKeys Setup Assistant, QuicKeys License Agreement, QuicKeys Read Me, What's New in 4.0

Startup Disk:QuicKeys:Utilities
  QuicKeys Registration, QK Plug-in Manager, TAA

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