QuicKeys 1.0.2 Updater for Windows - English

This Readme contains:

  • Installation Requirements
  • Changes in 1.0.2
  • Known Issues
  • Technical Notes
  • Statement on Year 2000 and QuicKeys for Windows


Installation Requirements

  • IBM PC or 100% compatible
  • 486DX or higher processor
    (Pentium or equivalent strongly recommended)
  • Windows 95, 98 or Windows NT 4.0
  • 16 MB of RAM (32 MB recommended)
  • 8 MB hard disk space
  • Standard 640x480 VGA monitor
    (SVGA 800x600 monitor recommended)
  • Certain features enhanced by Internet connection


Changes in 1.0.2

Known issues with Windows 2000 have been addressed.

The QuickStart Wizard is now available from the Help menu.

Double-clicking in the white space in My Actions no longer causes crashes.

Setup of QuicKeys Samples is now available in the QuickStart Wizard.

The Change Folder Action now works with Office 2000 Open and Save dialogs.

The Change Folder Action now works with Windows 2000 common file dialogs.

The Open Action now works with Office 2000 applications.

Actions can now be scoped to Office 2000 applications.

Action Menu buttons can now be created on toolbars for Recent Files and File Handler Actions.


Known Issues

QuicKeys cannot record or playback from the Start Menu in Windows 98 or any machine with Internet Explorer 4.0 with the Shell Update installed.

Browsing for menu items in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook 98 and some versions of Internet Explorer does not work using the Select Menu Action, but can be recorded and played back successfully using standard sequence recording.

Mouse clicks and keystrokes do not get converted to Select Menu Actions when recording in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook 98 and some versions of Internet Explorer. However, these items will play back correctly.

The Microsoft Office Assistant must be disabled when recording a sequence which involves switching to or from a Microsoft Office program.

If you record a sequence in Microsoft Word or Excel which involves menu items, do not change the zoom state of the document window after recording. Changing the zoom state shifts the menus which will cause the sequence to fail on playback.

When using a Type Text Action to enter a large amount of text into Microsoft Word, you may experience a delay before the text appears on the screen. Word does not display the text until the Type Text Action is completed.

Selections copied from Microsoft Office and other OLE Server applications will be displayed in the QuicKeys Clipbook as thumbnails. These selections will paste properly.

For maximum performance and reliability, use a Clipbook Action instead of a Type Text Action when pasting large amounts of text (over 400 characters).

The Special Characters Action dialog may display several rectangular boxes instead of characters if the current system font does not support these characters.

Non-32bit applications cannot be scoped under Windows NT 4.0.

Programs that use command line parameters to launch will not show up in the program lists in QuicKeys. Use the "Browse" option to select these programs.

The "Up One Folder" Change Folder Action is designed to work only in open and save dialogs. It will not work in Explorer views.

During Type Text and Menu Select Actions, the mouse cursor will not move until the Action has completed.

If the mouse cursor does not move after completion or you need to abort the Action, press "Control + Esc".

To ensure that all Actions are captured when recording a sequence, wait for the recording palette or the blinking microphone icon in the taskbar to appear before performing the steps to record.

For best results, restart your computer before reinstalling QuicKeys.

Using Alt key combinations to trigger Advanced Text Tool Actions or Copy selection to Clipbook Actions is not recommended.

If you are using Adobe products, avoid using "Shift + Alphanumeric" hot keys to trigger Type Text Actions.

If you are using Adobe products, avoid using "Alt + Alphanumeric" hot keys to trigger Menu Select Actions.


Technical Notes

QuicKeys Actions are preserved after performing an uninstall. If QuicKeys is reinstalled, the Actions previously created will be available. To completely remove QuicKeys, delete all Actions from the QuicKeys Editor prior to uninstalling QuicKeys.

QuicKeys incorporates compression code from the Info-ZIP group. There are no extra charges or costs due to the use of this code, and the original compression sources are freely available from http://www.cdrom.com/pub/infozip/.


Statement on Year 2000 and QuicKeys for Windows

Legal notice specified by federal law for those customers reading our Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure Statement prior to purchasing a product from CE Software:

Statements made to you in the course of this sale are subject to the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act. In the case of a dispute, this Act may reduce your legal rights regarding the use of any such statements, unless otherwise specified by your contract or tariff.

Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure for QuicKeys for Windows

With QuicKeys 1.0.2, all issues known to CE Software as of November 1, 1999, directly related to the operation of QuicKeys in the Year 2000 have been resolved. We believe that QuicKeys will operate properly in the year 2000 and in the years immediately following 2000, with the currently shipping Microsoft Windows operating system versions and leading applications. Due to the fact that QuicKeys by its very nature must operate in concert with other applications and Windows, CE Software makes no warranty whatsoever regarding QuicKeys' performance in conjunction with software outside of CE Software's direct control.

(See http://www.microsoft.com/technet/topics/year2k/ default.htm for Microsoft's Year 2000 Resource Center and more information on Microsoft operating systems and applications and the Year 2000.)



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