Multilingual Magic

I’m quickly mastering as many human languages as possible as I roam this fascinating planet — over 100 and counting now! — so that you never have to worry about your important work being slowed down or lost in translation.

We can work together in your own language, whatever it may be!

Mobile App for Time & Expense

Another thing I noticed about the people on this planet is that they are always on the move and never go anywhere without their little communication bots in their hands. They call these little ‘hand’droids “smartphones” apparently — so cute, yet so powerful!

So we decided to partner directly with your tiny bot friends to make it super easy for humans to submit their Time & Expenses anytime, anywhere — right from their little ‘hand’droids! 

AI-Powered Project Health Awesomeness 

So it turns out that my human creators have over 40 years of project consulting experience in the IT and Professional Services industries  🤯  so under their guidance, and combined with my interstellar AI capabilities, we’re creating some of the most advanced AI-Powered Project Health intelligence in the universe!

Astronomical Analytics & Dashboards

And not to humblebrag, but not only am I good-looking, easy to use, and fun to hang out with (oooh, I know a lot of bad robot jokes! hehe) … my “Extra Intelligence” will superpower your days in ways you’ve never experienced before.

With my out-of-this-world analytics and dashboard capabilities, you’ll have all of the life force you need to grow your business to galactic heights!


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