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Startly makes managing your business’s time and expense needs faster and easier than ever before. Expect fewer delays and errors, gain improved visibility to overall costs, create faster employee reimbursements and enforce your company’s expense policies. All of that is possible with Startly and more. On top of that, we have a companion time and expense app that will allow your team members to scan in receipts with smartphones and submit their time and expenses on the go.


A Sensational Service Management Software


Asset Management

Change Management

Knowledge Base

Are you using costly applications to track your client’s tickets and service requests? Do you need to use different software packages to keep track of your assets and change management needs? Does your software allow you to create custom knowledge bases? Startly can do all of that and more! Our all in one solution will help you improve responsiveness, improve customer satisfaction, as well as increase productivity and cost efficiency. What more can you ask for?

The Pro in Project Governance

Project Management

Resource Management

Invoice & Billing

In today’s world, the way we work is constantly changing. More people are working remotely and the way projects are being handled are evolving; so should your project governance software. Startly gives you a 360˚ view of all your projects details as well as their completion rate, time, costs and resources assignments in real-time. Manage your team member allocation and invoice your team’s hard work easily. Life is unpredictable, your project governance software shouldn’t be.   

Insights, Dashboards, AI & More!





We are living in an age where data matters. However, trying to make sense out of all the data and analytics can be easier said than done. This why data visualization is so important to Startly. Our dashboards and analytics make it easy to quickly understand your company’s financial performance, project health, how responsive your team is to service requests and much more. Startly makes understanding your business easier, so you can get down to business faster and more effectively.

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